At your child’s yearly physical you will receive a health form with a copy of the immunization record. This is valid for one year. This form must be used in place of any school, camp, daycare or sports health form. This is provided to you as a courtesy. DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE ORIGINAL. You are responsible for providing a copy to each organization. Please make copies and attach one to each original form that you must submit. A FEE OF $10 WILL BE CHARGED FOR ANY ADDITIONAL FORMS OR LETTERS WE PROVIDE DURING THE YEAR (except college forms). Examples include: Pop Warner, Study abroad, CORE, FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE, etc.

Please note that Pop Warner now accepts our forms and you will be charged $10 if we are asked to complete theirs.

Authorization for schools to administer over–the-counter medications is included on our health forms. Please do NOT request additional forms (unless we failed to include this on your child’s form).