When the Office is Closed

One of our physicians is on-call and available by phone at all times when the office is closed. If your child has a problem that you feel cannot wait until the following day, please call our regular office phone number. Our answering service staff will take your message and page the doctor on-call. (Please do not ask the answering service staff for medical advice. They are not medically-trained and are not qualified to do so.) Please keep your phone line free while you are waiting for us to call you back. We cannot reach you if the line is busy! Turn off your answering machine and, if you have caller ID block, please disable it. Have a paper and pencil handy to be able to make some notes. Be sure to have your pharmacy phone # available in case a prescription needs to be called in. Our medical staff will return your call as soon as possible. If you have NOT received a callback within 30 minutes please call the answering service, inform them that you did not receive a call from the doctor and be sure that they have your telephone number correct.

If your child is referred to the emergency room please do NOT use the one at the Faulkner Hospital, as this is not staffed by pediatric physicians.

All prescription medication refills must be requested during our regular office hours. We are pleased to answer any questions you may have concerning your child’s medicines and call your pharmacy for refills, but please remember to take care of this before we sign out to our on-call doctor. This helps us to focus our after-hours care on assisting patients with urgent medical problems.

As you know, we offer urgent care on weekends (both Saturday and Sunday) and all holidays. You can help us provide this service by following these guidelines:

  2. Please call between 8 a.m. and noon. Calls after noon may result in a next-day appointment. If an afternoon problem cannot wait, please speak to the doctor on-call. If you are not sure that your child needs an appointment please speak to the nurse or doctor on-call.
  3. Please make a separate appointment for each child you wish to be seen. “Squeezing-in” another child only keeps other families waiting. Please do not make non-urgent appointments for other children just because you’re coming in anyway.
  4. Please do not cancel and reschedule appointments on the same day. This penalizes other patients who could have used the time.
  5. Please be on time and bring your insurance co-pay and health insurance card.
  6. Please do not call for routine prescription refills.