No More Flu Clinics

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We will no longer have flu clinic on Thursdays.  Please check back in the fall when we start them up again for the 19/20 flu season!

RPA welcomes Dr. Tisei!

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We are proud to introduce the latest member to our Roslindale Pediatrics family, Dr. Elizabeth Tisei!

Dr. Tisei has been a pediatric primary care provider for the last three years and will be joining us starting March 11th.

You can read more about her, here.

Update: MyChart Payments

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We are pleased to announce that you are now able to pay your bill online!

Log in to your MyChart account and click on “Billing”. If you still have not activated your MyChart account you also have an option to pay as a guest, as well!

Click on the image above and you will be redirected to our MyChart website!


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Unfortunately we need to postpone our walk in flu clinic that was scheduled for 2/14/19

We currently have no flu vaccine. We are still waiting for our next shipment of vaccine to arrive. We will post updates as they become available.

Thank you for your patience!

Flu Vaccine back on for today!

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Flu Clinic is back on for today!
We just got our shipment of flu vaccines so if you have not received your flu shot yet you can come in today and every Thursday for our flu clinic, just walk in, no appointment needed.

MyChart will have a new look

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Dear RPA Patients,

Our online portal, MyChart, will not be accessible from 8pm on Saturday, January 12th, through Sunday, January 13th, at 8am, while we are upgrading our electronic medical record.

When you access and log in to the patient portal on Sunday morning you should expect a new user experience! MyChart will have an updated look and feel. It’s going to be EPIC!

If you haven’t yet signed-up for MyChart, please ask our Front Desk to sign you up the next time you are in the office!


Flu Shot Clinic

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boston flu shot


We are pleased to announce that we are having drop in hours for flu vaccine administration once again this year for our patients. Please stop by our office on Thursdays between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm.

As a reminder: The Center for Disease Control recommends flu vaccine for all patients aged 6 months and older.

Please do not come in for the vaccine if your child has a fever and or moderate to severe illness. If your child has had an allergic reaction to eggs in the past, please call to schedule your flu vaccine for a different time.

Make sure to check-in weekly for any updates or changes to the flu clinic hours and/or availability. Follow us on Facebook for more up to date information.

Introducing Dr. Khettry

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Introducing Dr. Khettry

Roslindale Pediatrics is welcoming a new provider this Fall!

Read more about Dr. Khettry here.

Important Information

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Important Information

For our established families that have had their insurance affected by the National Grid lock out, you have our assurance that we will continue to see your child(ren) at Roslindale Pediatrics if they are ill. Please call our office and ask to speak to one of our nurses for further information.

Tylenol and Ibuprofen Dosage

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*If you are seeing this on a mobile device, to view dosage information, please make sure you scroll all the way to the left or try turning your phone horizontally. 


DOSAGE (every 4-6 hours) :

The enclosed syringe with the infant drops is designed to provide 1.25 ml ( 40 mg) increments.

           WEIGHT     Milligram dosage                             DOSE
             12-17 lb.              80 mg 2.50 ml    
Infant Drops
             18-23 lb.             120 mg 3.75 ml 
Infant Drops
             24-35 lb.             160 mg 5 ml Elixir or 2 chewable tabs
             36-47 lb.             240 mg 7.5 ml Elixir or 3 chewable tabs
             48-59 lb.             320 mg 10 ml Elixir or 4 chewable tabs
             60-71 lb.             400 mg 12.5 ml teaspoons Elixir or 5 chewable tabs
             72- 95 lb             480 mg 6 chewable tabs or 3 Junior Strength Tablets


DOSAGE (every 6-8 hours):




12-21 lb.

50 mg.

1.25 ml Oral Drops OR
½ teaspoon Suspension

22-30 lb.


2.50 ml. (2 x 1.25)Oral Drops OR
1 teaspoon Suspension OR
1 Chewable (100mg.) Tablet

31-40 lb.


1 ½  teaspoons Suspension OR
1 ½  Chewable (100mg.) Tablets

41-50 lb.


2 teaspoons Suspension OR
2 Chewable (100mg.) Tablets

51-60 lb.

250 mg.

2 ½ teaspoons Suspension OR
2 ½ Chewable (100 mg.) Tablets

61-79 lb.

300 mg.

3 teaspoons Suspension OR
3 Chewable (100 mg.) Tablets OR
3 Caplets (100mg.)

80-100 lb.

400 mg.

4 Chewable (100 mg.) Tablets OR
4 Caplets (100 mg.) OR
2 adult tablets (200 mg.)

Read more about what to do for common illnesses.