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For our established families that have had their insurance affected by the National Grid lock out, you have our assurance that we will continue to see your child(ren) at Roslindale Pediatrics if they are ill. Please call our office and ask to speak to one of our nurses for further information.

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Tylenol and Ibuprofen Dosage

*If you are seeing this on a mobile device, to view dosage information, please make sure you scroll all the way to the left or try turning your phone horizontally. 


DOSAGE (every 4-6 hours) :

The enclosed syringe with the infant drops is designed to provide 1.25 ml ( 40 mg) increments.

           WEIGHT     Milligram dosage                             DOSE
             12-17 lb.              80 mg 2.50 ml    
Infant Drops
             18-23 lb.             120 mg 3.75 ml 
Infant Drops
             24-35 lb.             160 mg 5 ml Elixir or 2 chewable tabs
             36-47 lb.             240 mg 7.5 ml Elixir or 3 chewable tabs
             48-59 lb.             320 mg 10 ml Elixir or 4 chewable tabs
             60-71 lb.             400 mg 12.5 ml teaspoons Elixir or 5 chewable tabs
             72- 95 lb             480 mg 6 chewable tabs or 3 Junior Strength Tablets


DOSAGE (every 6-8 hours):




12-21 lb.

50 mg.

1.25 ml Oral Drops OR
½ teaspoon Suspension

22-30 lb.


2.50 ml. (2 x 1.25)Oral Drops OR
1 teaspoon Suspension OR
1 Chewable (100mg.) Tablet

31-40 lb.


1 ½  teaspoons Suspension OR
1 ½  Chewable (100mg.) Tablets

41-50 lb.


2 teaspoons Suspension OR
2 Chewable (100mg.) Tablets

51-60 lb.

250 mg.

2 ½ teaspoons Suspension OR
2 ½ Chewable (100 mg.) Tablets

61-79 lb.

300 mg.

3 teaspoons Suspension OR
3 Chewable (100 mg.) Tablets OR
3 Caplets (100mg.)

80-100 lb.

400 mg.

4 Chewable (100 mg.) Tablets OR
4 Caplets (100 mg.) OR
2 adult tablets (200 mg.)

Read more about what to do for common illnesses.

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New “Patient Education” link

Our website now has 2 links for you to access the comprehensive list of educational hand-outs produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This up-to-date and reliable information is searchable alphabetically by topic.

Simply click on the “Pediatric Patient Education” or “Patient Education” links on our home page to access this valuable resource.

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Orthopedic Injuries- Update

We are now collaborating with Childrens Hospital Orthopedics and Surgicare to take care of our injured patients. If your child is injured please CALL US. We may be able to save you a costly trip to the Emergency Department!

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Are You Expecting Your First Baby?


Roslindale Pediatric Associates is pleased to accept all newborn patients.

Having a baby can have its challenges, but finding a pediatrician shouldn’t be one of them. RPA offers all expecting parents an opportunity to visit our office before the arrival of their bundle of joy. You will have the chance to meet with one of our providers, learn about the practice, tour the office and ask questions.

We offer one-on-one appointments with a provider or group prenatal visits (both free of charge) based on your schedule and preference.

Call our office today at 617-522-3100 to schedule your prenatal visit.

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